The method

The emotion of the harvest, every year, always with the same passion
The production chain, the heart of our company, a process with ancient roots but constantly updated through a meticulous research for innovation. Everything starts from the fields, from nature, from the sun, we carefully choose the variety of wheat and above all we choose the cultivation areas even more carefully. The agronomic techniques used in the field are studied in detail to also allow the sustainability of the product and as little waste as possible. With this production process we are able to ensure the quality and healthiness of the finished product and to keep the organoleptic characteristics and the high nutritional value of our products unaltered.
The best grain, the most precious good
Selection and storage are extremely delicate and crucial phases to guarantee the quality of the finished product and to give our consumers an excellent product, and also a very, very good one! The controls are rigorous and carried out by agronomists, laboratory technicians and researchers, but even before that by the agricultural producers to whom we have trusted for years.
When the dream comes true, and the wheat turns into flour
And this is where the magic happens, it is precisely here that the wheat becomes flour. We do not add anything else in this phase, only the use of very high technological level machinery. The wheat is milled in purity, thus guaranteeing a natural and sustainable product. Only the heart of the grain, which is also a bit our heart.
Excellence in each of our creations
Within our flours there are up to 22 types of wheat, each with a very high quality standard. Thanks to the finished product storage facility, we’re able to supply a product that constantly maintains its organoleptic properties unchanged throughout the year. That's why each recipe is the synthesis of experience, passion and technology.
From us, for you, every day
We distribute our products in more than sixty countries worldwide thanks to a well-established and organized logistics system to guarantee punctuality and safety. We promote, through our distribution network, an efficient traceability system and meticulous quality control.


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