An ancient artisan tradition, a family history and experience
Not only flours, but real works of art
Born in Arce, in the province of Frosinone, in the first half of the twentieth century, from a small artisan reality, Polselli today is the protagonist in the quality milling sector. Guided by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that has now reached its fourth generation, the company works every day to satisfy the needs of consumers, with unique, natural and innovative products. Innovation, this is the watchword: product innovation, through a constant commitment to obtain the best solutions; process innovation, thanks to the use of the best technology; control innovation, to ensure maximum food safety.
Quality, transparency, reliability
The values that have always distinguished Polselli have been quality, transparency and reliability. These principles translate into the use of only the highest quality wheat, combined with the concept of sustainability, an issue to which we are particularly attentive and which we examine daily through the selection of raw materials and the accurate control of the entire production process. Through a constant commitment, attentive to seasonality and bio-sustainability, we are committed to ensuring that our flour, although it is such a simple raw material, represents the rough diamond for making bread, pizzas and desserts that can become a real taste experience , something that remains in the hearts of our consumers.
Polselli is a company of people rather than products
Commitment, dedication, passion and self-sacrifice over time have built a company based on a continuous study of consumer needs, the scrupulous selection of raw materials, the continuous challenge towards innovation and environmental protection, focusing on eco-sustainability and zero emissions.
Technology in support of nature and sustainability
Polselli selects, year after year, wheat of the highest quality in terms of quantity and quality of nutritional values such as proteins, thanks to consolidated relationships with farmers and constantly updated technological tools throughout the product chain. When the wheat is transformed into flour, in that precise moment the souls, passions and traditions of Polselli merge: the machinery with the most modern virtues are at the service of the experience of the millers, agronomists and laboratory technicians , who are the only ones able to understand with experience which techniques to use according to the type of flour to be produced. This is the company and the family that we have been carrying on for generations, an environment of tradition but of continuous research where new solutions are born for the artisan millers.


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