A family story, men and ideas

The Method

The emotion of the harvest, every year, always with the same passion
The production chain, the true heart of our company, a process with ancient roots but constantly updated through a meticulous research for innovation. Everything starts from the fields, from nature, from the sun, we carefully choose the cultivation areas and, above all, the variety of wheat.


Technology in support of nature and sustainability
The constant research for technological tools to facilitate the production of high quality flours of great sustainable and ecological value


Wise excellence in each of our creations
Within our flours there are up to 22 types of wheat, each with a very high quality standard. Thanks to the finished product storage facility, we are able to supply a product every day that maintains constant organoleptic properties. That's why each recipe is the synthesis of experience, passion and technology.

Polselli Lab

Pulsating laboratory for cultural and culinary sharing
Polselli Lab is the evolution of our academy, a modern living and pulsating laboratory of training and cultural sharing in support of the agri-food chain, to teach and disseminate processing methods and to promote sustainable choices, circular economy and zero emissions.


Culture, experience and visions. The mill tells
Polselli Mag is a magazine, with content- rich sections, created to tell all the news and experiences made up of people and ideas, creativity and knowledge.


Do you want to become a supplier?
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